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Our company was founded on the idea that training quality commercial drivers can be done at less cost, more effectively, and in only a few months.  Our methodology focuses on teaching you what you need to know in the real world to safely drive a commercial motor vehicle.


All of our training is done one-on-one.  You do not waste time riding around in a truck watching other people drive.  All of our training staff have decades of real world driving experience.  The trucks you train in are  constantly maintained and inspected so you are training with quality equipment.


Except for the basic skills training, all of our training takes place on public roads.  This allows you to encounter real world situations in various weather conditions so you are prepared when you begin driving.


100% of our customers who completed our training obtained their CDL.  Many of our students completed their training in 2 to 3 months and were gainfully employed shortly thereafter.


We use a tried and true methodology to teach you what you need to know under the ELDT standards without incurring thousands of dollars of debt or sitting in classrooms for six months or more.


We can proudly acknowledge that all of our customers successfully completed their first year of driving accident free.

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