ELDT Training

Touchstone Academy LLC is an approved ELDT provider with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  You can verify our status by accessing the Training Provider Portal.  


We have been providing training for 5 years in the Greater Baltimore area.  Our success rate is 100%.  Everyone who completes our training obtains their Commercial Drivers License.


Once you complete the Theory and BTW training with an 80% score, we issue you a certificate and upload that data to the FMSCA website so you can take your test at the MVA.


Under the new ELDT rules, you need to complete Theory, BTW Range, and BTW Road before you will be permitted to take your driving test.


You do not need to complete Theory before getting your permit; however, if you do not have your permit yet; our online Theory course will prepare you for the permit test.

Why Train with US?

  • We do not make you sit in a classroom for days or weeks for the theory class. 
  • Our theory class is online and can be completed in the comfort of your own home on your own time schedule.
  • We only do 1 on 1 BTW training.  You will never sit in the back of a cab and watch other people drive for hours on end.
  • Our price is the lowest and most of our clients obtain their license in 2 months.
  • Our fee is all inclusive

How Does Our Training Work?

  1. Decide which Class license you want, A or B.
  2.  Generally, Class A takes 15-20 hours BTW and Class B takes 10-15 hours BTW.
  3. Click on the link to register below.  DO NOT REGISTER UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO PAY AND PROCEED.  If you have questions, email us at info@touchstonecdl.com.
  4. Once you register, you will immediately receive a confirmation email and an email with links to pay 
  5. Ensure you upload your license when you register and your DOT card and permit if you have them.  Without that info, we cannot upload your info to the FMSCA website.  
  7. After you complete the online theory and score 80% you will be able to download your certificate.
  8. When you schedule BTW training, you will get a confirmation email with the name of your instructor and where to meet him.  All of our training is conducted in the Cockeysville area.
  9. Once BTW training is completed, we take you to the test up to 2 times with no additional charge.  If you need to go more than 2 times, the fee is $500 for each trip.


Options Cost
BTW Training Package - Class A $3,500
BTW Training Package - Class B $3,000
BTW Training Package - Class B to A Upgrade $2,000

HazMat Theory Training 

If you are seeking your HazMat endorsement all that is required is to pass the background check and take the HazMat theory training.  


Our HazMat theory training is completely online and costs $250.  Click below if you wish to enroll.

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